Update: I changed the name of this blog from "Fun Experience Diaries" to "Diary of Wonder"

Sunday, July 31, 2016


Today was the second time bowling in my entire lifetime so far (Technically first time...) The last time I went bowling was in kindergarten! I could hardly lift up the lightest ball! XD It was not fun back then, not being able to experience the actual point of bowling! I never bothered to try again. But today, I went bowling with some friends and played two games! It was super super super fun, being able to lift balls, throw them, see how many pins I knocked down...etc.

Even though I didn't get a strike or spare, I am really happy that I now understand most of the terms bowlers use, although I am still very confused about how many points you get each hit. Also because I got to experience different kinds of methods and figuring out which methods are the best for me!

To conclude this, bowling is AWESOME! I am definitely going bowling again very soon with my family! It is just so exciting! 

Monday, June 20, 2016

Pray for Orlando

I know I am more than a week late in posting this, but there's no pain in posting now!

On June 12, 2016, at 2 AM, there was a mass shooting in Orlando, Florida. More specifically, a terrorist attack. This dreadful event happened at night in a gay nightclub. More than 50 people were killed, and 53 people were injured. It is said to be the deadliest attack by a single attacker in all of US history!

What's weird is that this incident occurred the night after Christina Grimmie was shot! And, both of these occurrences were in Orlando. You now may think that the two gunmen is actually the same person, but they are two different people. In fact, both assailants were dead after the events.

For more information, go to this link:

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Rest in Peace Christina Grimmie

On June 11, 2016, we lost a talented and beautiful soul, Christina Grimmie. She died in Orlando, Florida, when signing autographs at a tour show. This soul was shot in the head on the night of June 10, and was declared dead on the morning of June 11.

Christina Grimmie was a spectacular singer on not only Youtube, but also on a TV show, called "The Voice". She also was widely known on "NBC Singing Competition".

Many people mourn the loss of this loved singer and songwriter. All her fans do. But she is in a better place now, right?  

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Massive Windstorm around South Coast of BC!

This morning, there was a massive windstorm around the south coast of British Columbia, Canada. It caused power outage, floods, and other disastrous events.
I decided to search up the details about this.

1) A tree fell, which unfortunately killed a woman
2) A small jet flying in the air immediately fell down upside down
3) Around 100,000 people had no electricity in the morning!

To get more info, check this website out:

I pray for those whose relatives are injured! Hope this all calms down soon :)

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Exciting News

I just realized that I didn't post exciting news yet!

I made it in Symphonic Band! (the older groups instead of Intermediate Band) I auditioned on February 11, and the results came out on February 22. When the results came out, I didn't immediately go and see if my name was on the list. Why? Because I didn't want to disappoint myself if my name wasn't on. Luckily, I didn't ever have to go look. My classmate came and told me! I was so relieved. It was a great feeling. No worrying, no sadness, no stressing, just happiness and joyful!
I'm not one of the first chairs, but not the last chairs. In the middle. Just what I wanted. :)

And guess what? I also made it in my school's volleyball team! To be honest, I am absolutely horrible at volleyball (especially spiking). When the results came out, I thought I was in this crazy dream that I have once a month or so. But I realized it wasn't a dream after my friends came and cheered. We all made it in! Just like making it in the Symphonic Band, I was joyful!
The volleyball try-outs were on February 24, 25, and on the 29th. The results came right after try-outs on the 29th.

2016 started out great! Hope it stays like this the whole year! :)

Friday, February 26, 2016

February 22-26, 2016

This week has probably been the best week of 2016 so far. I have done well on tests, went skating with friends..... I actually don't know why it's the best week. I just have this feeling in my heart that tells me that this week was a spectacular week!

Now, I think I will post more often on my blog, pretending it to be my actual public diary. I will show my feelings more. Some sad, some happy, some mixed. Who knows? This might change my life! Well, maybe not that far. Maybe expressing my feelings here for you guys to read might change my overall mood into a happier mood.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! What are YOU going to do today? Give your family and friends love? Research about Valentine's Day? Well, I did both! Here is what I researched:

  • Valentine's Day is also called Saint Valentine's Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine
  • This holiday started with the love around the 14th century with Geoffrey Chaucer
  • The earliest surviving valentine is a 15th century that Charles (Duke of Orléans) gave to his wife. It starts with this: Je suis jesja d'amour tanné                                                                                                                               Ma tres doulce Valentinée...                                                                                                                                          -Charles d'Orléans
  • In the USA, about 150 million valentines are sent each year (not including valentines handed out at school by children)
  • 62% of USA celebrate Valentine's Day
  • 2nd most popular card-sending holiday

There are a lot of different theories about the history of Valentine's day, but the ones above are the ones I first found out about, so I just stuck with them. :P

Once again, Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving Break

This is what I did over Thanksgiving Break (Nov.23-27):

Monday: Homework, games
Tuesday: Homework, games
Wednesday: Homework, games
Thursday: Shopping, homework, games
Friday: Homework, shopping, games

It was super boring.... but I'd rather stay at home than go to school :P
Tell me what YOU did on Thanksgiving in the comments!

Happy late Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Pillow Sewing

November 14, 2015
Hey! I'm back! In case you didn't know, this isn't a tutorial of how to sew a pillow. If you want to learn how to sew, there's this really good website I recommend:
This website doesn't show you all the stitches in the world, but it has clear step-to-step tutorials with pictures.

This is my second sewing project. A penguin pillow. A few years ago, when I started my first sewing project, I took interest in sewing. It was like a relaxing time you could spend on the sofa, sewing something you like. And that's how I started my second sewing project.
I cut out all the pieces on felt, then I grabbed my thread and needle and started sewing my penguin onto a blue background. My sewing was bad at first. I sewed too much that I didn't have any thread to end the stitch. It turned out to be a mess with thread all over the sofa. But then, I took extra focus in my sewing and everything magically stopped being a mess.

I sewed and sewed and sewed, until my penguin was fully sewed on the background. It looked sooo cute, except for the beak. I wanted the beak to be closed, but the stitching made the beak look wide open as if the penguin wanted to eat me. You know the feeling when you are too lazy to do anything but lay down? Yeah, that's what happened to me at that time, so my penguin seemed like a cute meat eater.

After all of that, I started sewing my two pieces of background felt together, using the blanket stitch. I checked my thread each time I did a couple of stitches to make sure I had enough thread to end the stitch. And guess what? I don't know how to end the blanket stitch and start it again. Even all the videos and websites make me confused. Everyone has a different ending, and I don't know which one looks the best and which one is the easiest. It is all too confusing for me to think, so I am now stopping sewing until I learn the best blanket stitch for my pillow.

November 15, 2015
Great. I still don't know how to end the blanket stitch...please help!

November 16, 2015
Yes! My friend told me how to do the blanket stitch, and I'm now all happy again!

November 18, 2015
Argh I'm sooooo close to finishing my cute penguin pillow!!!!!!!!!!!! I just need to sew the blanket stitch a little more, stuff it, close the ending, and I'm finished! Yeah, I know, it sounds like a lot, but it only takes like 15 minutes to do all of that stuff.

November 19, 2015
This is the last update for this post. And you know what? I FINISHED!!! Woo!
Here's a picture of it:
The picture isn't that good, but whatever, you get the idea what it looks like!


Sunday, October 4, 2015

Splatter Paint!

          On Jan.21,2015, my class splatter painted! Every part of it was super fun.
          Ms.Zaklan first told us all the instructions to splatter paint properly. Then we went outside to start the fun! Each of the different colored paint were in columns separated by cones. Every column will have a line a people, and the people in every line can only go to the paint one by one.
          I first painted lines of paint over my sheet of paper, then actually started splattering dots on my colorful paper. When I was done every color, my artwork still had big white spaces, so I did every color again. It looked much better afterwards, with a mixture of dark purple, blue, yellow, green, orange, and red lines and dots. It still looks empty compared to my other peers' paintings. After all, this mini one day art project was all about having fun splattering paint here and there!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Free Movie Day

       On October 18th, 2014, there was free movies to watch at Langley. It was really fun, and extra fun because I went with two of my friends! The only thing that I didn't like was that there was too many people.
       There was only 6 movies that were free. There was Escape from Planet Earth, Free Birds, and more. We all chose Escape from Planet Earth, which was scarier than I thought. There was 2 movie rooms for Escape from Planet Earth, but both rooms were full. So I sat beside one of my friends, which sat on her mom's lap. The other friend sat on her mom's lap too, but somewhere else in the room.

       The movie Escape from Planet Earth is about aliens invading the Earth. They call Earth "The Dark Planet, because nobody has ever come back from "The Dark Planet". But one day, Scorch (a young and smart kid's uncle) had a mission to go to the "The Dark Planet" to help someone. His big brother Garry, said to not go and stay at home, but Scorch ignored him. He would go to every mission, even if it means to go to the "Dark Planet".

       Since Scorch is a blue alien, when he got there, people brought him to a place after a while. They took his suit off and took something out of his suit. Garry came to rescue him, but they both were trapped. Garry stole the thing that the people took out of Scorch's suit and invented something to release them. Because it was trap for the people, the aliens got out and safely returned home.

       For more information, you will have to watch the movie Escape from Planet Earth.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Bird Zoo in China

     I came back from Changsha, China about a month ago. One of the places I went to was a bird zoo on a mountain. Here's the story:

     On the night before going to the zoo, my uncle suggested that we should go to a bird zoo. The rest of us agreed on the idea, but nobody told me that it was on a steep, steep, mountain. So I was really excited about meeting ostriches, flamingos, feeding birds, that I couldn't sleep that night! (Of course, eventually, I fell asleep)

     At the zoo, It was tiring and a pretty surprising long way to get to the birds. But I still had some energy for feeding the birds. We bought 5 cups of bird food and fed owls that was awake in the daytime, ostriches, talking parrots, seagulls, and more.
     I learned that birds usually like eating corn. Parrots don't reply quickly, so be patient. Parrot's beaks won't hurt you if you give them food in your hand. Others might. Also, do not go close to an ostrich with food in a bare hand, because it will bite you. Male peacocks only spread out their feathers into a fan when they're mating.

     After feeding, we went to a parrot performance. It was funny. There was parrots picking up garbage and then throwing it into the bin, parrots scootering, roller-skating, balancing on a thin string, and more cool stuff. My favorite part of the show was making the parrot land on my hand because I had money in my hand. It picked the $5 bill instead of the $10 bill.

     After we went down the mountain, (it was much easier than going up the mountain) my mom bought a necklace with my name on it for me.

                              AND THAT WAS MY DAY.

Friday, August 15, 2014

My Dream

     Last night, I had this dream that sometimes connects to the real world.

Bold = a connection
Slanted = my dream

Below my dream, is why the connection connects to the real world.

     Here is my dream in words:

     One day, when I just come back from China, I had this celebration party with my friends. When they all drove me home, nobody was at home. I kept on wondering where everybody was.
     Suddenly, Emily's mom came up with an idea that you will never guess in a million years! The idea was to go to the airport and fly to Florida! I thought she was kidding! But no, she is not.
     After a while, when we got to the airport, Emily's mom ordered a small plane to Florida. 10 minutes past. Time for the trip! The small plane looked like it only can carry 10 people, but inside, it can fit like 100 people! There was a lot of rooms, and a movie theater room, which I chose to be in for a little bit. Then I went to the bedroom, a shop, the kitchen, playroom, then back to the bedroom.
     The plane shook, rocked, and swayed in the air as I woke up from sleeping. I guessed that the plane was getting ready to land. Finally Emily's mom, my friends, and I got to Florida.
     We took a taxi to a shop and shopped for school supplies. Then, something unusual happened. All of us (except Emily's mom) met all of our teachers at the shop! Also, they were shopping for school supplies too! I thought I was dreaming!
     Next, after shopping, we went to the swimming pool! "First, we are going to do races, then playtime." Emily's mom instructed. "For the races, swim front crawl, but your arms are going to do the cup song. Winners play against next person." We played for 5 rounds and was tired. I won, and the others tied. Because we were really tired, we just went on to the waterslide 2 times, and the diving board 1 time for playtime.
Small plane = My mom said that one of her work friend invited her to go to somewhere in a small
School supplies = I was asking my mom when to buy school supplies.
Cup Song = I just got addicted to the cup song.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Canada Day - Rock Climbing

     Sorry that I didn't post this on the Canada Day week, but here it is.

                                            Canada Day - Rock Climbing

     Guess what? On Canada Day, I didn't go to a beach, party, or festival, but.........I went to the Coastal Climbing Centre (website below) to rock climb!! :D It's my 2nd time there. Even better, I went with my sister, and 2 friends!! Also, it was really cheap and they let us have an extra free 15 minutes to rock climb! WHOPEE!!!!

  First, we went to a wall that goes up, slanting in, then up again. At the top, you press a button and a light turns on. All the rocks have different colors, shapes, colored tape, and names. Before starting, we learned that if you put chalk dust on your hands right before climbing, your hands are not going to be slippery. However, if you put chalk dust on the rocks, it is going to be very slippery.
     Instead of waiting line, there are freefall walls (no ropes) you can climb. One wall was really easy, so every few minutes, I climb that same wall every single time. It started to get boring, so I stopped climbing that wall. After a little while, I started to climb the easy climbing wall AGAIN! :P
     The belayer told us what you need to do before being a belayer. One of them is: Doing the "figure 8 knot." When I saw the "figure 8 knot," it looked cool, but confusing to do.
      My favorite rock climbing wall is one that swings you when you let go of the wall, and the belayer might suddenly drop you on the mats while you swinging. Another one is the one that you press a button, and a light will turn on.
      What a fun, rock climbing day!!
P.S.  The website for the Coastal Climbing Centre is: http://www.coastalclimbing.ca

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Visit To The Farm

      On Saturday, June 7 2014, my sister, dad and I went to the farm for a visit. I thought we were going to camp there with the other church people from church, but we only stayed for one day.

      The trip was about 30 minutes, and I had nothing to play with. Just a book, waterbottle, and very little food in my bag. When we got there, the gates were closed. I could see some tents on the grass field. Finally, the gates opened when my dad called the owner of the campsite.

      We explored the different beautiful areas. Then I realized that the campsite was two family's backyards! Instead of sleeping in tents, you could even sleep in their houses! One house even had like 11 garages! And guess what? We can even play on somebody's playground, which includes a tire zipine! I played with my friends until it was time for Sunday School, even though it is not Sunday.
       After a few hours, some people saw a baby snake. I heard the news, then quickly ran outside to see the snake, but it was too late. Violet told her mom. Her mom then said it was too dangerous to play outside. Some faces looked scared, some looked sad, and others looked happy.

      My Sunday School class practiced the dance "God's Word" for the performance. The day went slow. People didn't listen. A few hours later, I asked to help plant lavender in the garden. I was going to start when my dad pulled me to a tractor. He told me to climb on. I did. I also buckled my seatbelt and made sure the door was locked. My dad drove across the garden. I was surprised to see my own dad drive a tractor!
      When I was about to leave, Violet's mom gave me a blue and a purple pen with a flashlight. It was a fun day!